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tankcomp54OCEANVISIONS is a vinyl, waterproof ‘sticker’ background which eliminates water stains, salt/lime build-up, dirt and any other foreign matter from EVER appearing on the back glass of your aquarium!

  • Replaces dull weedy backgrounds with vibrant color.
  • Easy to apply – no tapes or glues required.
  • Each roll measures 50 feet in length with your choice of 4 popular widths.
  • Waterproof; lasts for years.
  • Easy to remove when redecorating your tank.

Aquarists love the OCEANVISIONS adhesive system as it achieves the same intense clarity of a solid color acrylic back aquarium. Since OCEANVISIONS sticks to the back of the glass, it will never allow water, salt, dust, or dirt to wedge itself between the aquarium and background. OCEANVISIONS will always look clean and CRYSTAL CLEAR!

ACF20ECColor-A-Tank Light Sleeve
“Special Effects For Your Aquarium”

Add a whole new dimension of spectacular color to aquariums never before achieved with ordinary fluorescent light bulbs.

Change the look of any aquarium with COLOR-A-TANK’s (5) radiant colors including: Icy Blue, Sunset Orange, Neon Red, Caribbean Green, and Hot Pink. COLOR-A-TANK highlights the brilliant colors of your fish. For example, use COLOR-A-TANK’s Hot Pink sleeve with Neon Tetras, or COLOR-A-TANK’s Sunset Orange sleeve with Goldfish for beautiful color enhancement effects. COLOR-A-TANK lighting sleeves slide over any fluorescent bulb and they are help in place by plastic retainer caps, which are included with each sleeve.

swipes_Aquarium Swipes
The glass walls of most aquariums are polluted with finger prints, smudges, salt, lime, and other foreign matter. It becomes a real challenge to maintain the glass. Our AQUARIUM SWIPE meets this challenge. With similar qualities of our award-winning MOISTURE MAGNETS, this swipe is super absorbent and cleans without streaking the glass of an aquarium. These swipes are designed to be your exclusive aquarium “towel” making it easier to keep it separate from other household towels thus avoiding contamination from soap film and other cleaning agents.

*Each AQUARIUM SWIPE measures 16″ x 15″

*WASHING INSTRUCTIONS: Machine washable. Airline or cool dry, do not place in hot dryer. Can be disinfected with a 5% bleach solution.

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