Bird Products

ACF211F Birdie Bagels

Petscape’s Birdie Bagels, Bagelette and Bird Bites provide parrots with the psychological enrichment often missing from the life of a captive parrot.

*Great for feather pluckers and destructive birds.

*Satisfies the need for chewing, shredding, and peeling.

*Inexpensive (great value).




Petscape puts fun into training your bird to talk. We have developed a series of five compact discs so exciting and entertaining, just reading the listings on the labels will make you laugh. With these CD’s, your bird’s vocabulary will expand greatly – he can even learn sound effects. Imagine your bird roaring like a lion! Our other volumes specialize in movie and TV quotes, lyrics from songs, sexy sayings, and even “everyday” phrases. This technology makes traditional methods of training obsolete. Our CD’s are guaranteed never to wear out. So let your bird fly into the next millenium using Petscape’s ParrotPhrases!

*Easy to use.

*Discs will never wear out.

*Over 90 phrases per disc.

*Makes great gifts.


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